Black Cap Hot Sauce tips a (backwards flat bill) hat to the art of fermentation and preserving living culture. 







Why Choose Us?

Black Cap Hot Sauce is an all natural fermented hot sauce made in Columbus, Ohio.  We wanted to make hot sauce hot sauce that is not only delicious, but great for your body, too.  Chock full of probiotics, our ingredient list is clean: Fresno peppers, garlic, ginger, lime zest, salt, chia seeds, and water - that's it.  Our 100% natural ingredients are fermented in ridiculously small batches, bottled by hand, and delivered or snagged at a retailer near you.

Goes great on...well, everything.  Maybe not ice cream. 

My guy and I have decided that (Black Cap) is literally the best hot sauce we've ever had!  We love yours because it has such a great flavor without being too heat-forward!

Jamie Seel
Founder, SEEL

About Us

Jack Moore

Founder, Chef

With the help of family and friends, we narrowed Chef Jack’s hot sauce recipes to two finalists. One was bottled with white caps, and one was bottled with black caps. As the taste tests began, we heard again and again that “black cap” was the favorite, and the name stuck with us! Black Cap Hot Sauce tips a (backwards flat bill) hat to the art of fermentation and preserving culture. 


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COLUMBUS RETAILERS: Watershed Distillery, Weiland's Market, Beechwold Farm Market, Hungarian Butcher, Bottleshop, North Market Bridge Park (at the Saddleberk and Coastal Local Seafood shops), Freedom a la Carte, Bexley Natural Market, Clintonville Natural Foods, Lawbird Supply House, Hills Downtown, Macelleria Bexley.

CLEVELAND RETAILERS: Larder Delicatessen, Ohio City Provisions, Heart of Gold, Martha on the Fly, Beetjar, Good Company, Cordelia, Lake Road Market, Banter, Saucisson, Taco Tonto's Kent, Gingham Market, Beau's Deli and Market, Pearl Street Market...And More!                                  


Columbus, Ohio